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Connecting the right people through passion and common interests, challenging opinions and more.

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Engaging icebreakers

Engaging moderation and conversation starters ensure every minute is used towards creating meaningful connections and bonds.

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Event analytics

What topics were popular? How was the networking rated? How many new connections were made? Measure the success of your event and learn how to do even better.

How it works

RemotelyGreen is a virtual event platform with a refreshing and easy online format. Participants sit back and enjoy the ride while RemotelyGreen brings them the right people and help the discussions along.

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This event was a surprise to my day and it gave me fresh energy.


HeyDay Network

Everything is automated and you just follow the flow. That’s a nice experience.



It’s easier than chatting in person when arriving at a conference. You get matched automatically and don’t have to find someone else looking lonely and go up to them and start a conversation.




Our monthly speed networking events have become one of the most enjoyable and valuable assets to our network. They’re a brilliant way to engage our community around the world.



The RemotelyGreen happy hour gave our team a great opportunity to get to know the hidden sides of our mostly on-screen personalities … The tool is great in structuring discussions with a good balance of keeping the experience close to natural interactions … Some of our most reluctant camera faces even started to demand others to switch their video on for better laughs.



The platform provided a casual, coffee-break-like experience for our virtual Young@Heart Social Event with 30+ participants … During the 40 minute-long networking session we truly got to know each other better. … It’s unique how it simulates the real, in-person, informal chat experience online. Overall, the event’s success exceeded my expectations and we plan to use Remotely Green for our next event!


Netherlands Heart Institute

I used RemotelyGreen for the first online event of our masters in neurosciences programme … All the new students appreciated the quick sessions and found it useful to interact with each other and get to know each other better. We will highly recommend it as an added value to an event (online or classic) and promote it within our programme and others.


University of Bordeaux