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Tailored networking and events platform for your remote team

Remote collaboration can feel overwhelming and lonely, yet one change in your perspective can bring you a whole new experience. We’re here to back you up on that journey. RemotelyGreen is your new networking and events platform for spontaneous and meaningful professional connections.

You bring your team. We make the connections unbreakable. Remotely.

The worry: “How to connect my team remotely?”

Wondering how to ignite the fire within a remote team? We have the match, you bring the spark.

Human connection and remote work. Does this still sound like a paradox to you? What if we told you it is possible? What if we proved you can create meaningful connections online?

Our virtual rooms help people connect through passion, common interests, challenging opinions, and spontaneous talk.

We make human connections happen. Remotely.

With tech for good in our hearts, we’ve been continuously gathering thousands of people in pleasant encounters sparking new connections remotely. Juggling data science, artificial intelligence and new video conferencing solutions, we offer you a human approach to social interactions online.

With RemotelyGreen, you build:

  • Meaningful connections

  • A better remote team

  • An unbreakable remote community

  • A basis for thriving in a remote-first world

  • A comfortable space for introverts

The power of human and artificial intelligence combined. Does wonders.

Three steps, thousands of networking opportunities

RemotelyGreen makes tech feel easy.

  1. Choose your goal.

  2. Invite your team.

  3. Meet and connect remotely.

Choose Relevant Icebreakers over small talk.

Experience Genuine match-making over moments of awkwardness.

Reject tech confusion. Go for Simplicity.

Five minutes for timeless connections

Studies say you need 40-60 hours to form a casual friendship.

With RemotelyGreen, meaningful connections happen every 5 minutes. Our virtual rooms take the shyness away and help everyone connect with other people effortlessly.

At RemotelyGreen, you can:

  • Build cohesive and satisfied remote teams with customized events

  • Maximize the number of meaningful connections in your remote team

  • Immediately start a conversation on the topic close to your heart

  • 5 minutes of your time can make someone’s day (and vice versa)

On our platform, you can always stay for another round. It’s like the first drink that leads to another one, but without feeling dizzy in the morning.

Gather the event analytics and understand your remote team better

“Data is really good for discovery and validation, but there is a bit in the middle where you have to go and find the human.” - Kristina Wagner, Interaction Designer at Smallpdf

RemotelyGreen makes you the hero of your remote team. We have human empathy and data authority.

  • What topics were popular?

  • How was the networking rated?

  • How many new connections were made in your remote team?

Measure the success of your online event and learn how to keep the momentum going.

A platform tested by remote professionals. Used by top-level companies. Care to join us?

CERN. Alliance Block. UNHCR. Netherlands Heart Institute. Hungry for more?

RemotelyGreen has been the go-to place for online networking events to big players and even bigger causes. Check our use cases, find your niche, and learn from the experiences of experts in your industry.