Our Vision

A better-connected, greener world where collaborating remotely is the obvious choice

Our Mission

Making online networking fun, sociable & easy, like in-person events yet more effective

Our Values

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Our story

In 2019 a group of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs at CERN challenged the need to travel for conferences. Can we instead collaborate remotely? Can we be greener and more accessible while preserving informal, spontaneous social interactions? Whilst participating and organising numerous international conferences around the world, they have envisioned a better-connected, greener world, where collaborating remotely is the obvious choice. The RemotelyGreen initiative was born.

Since then the world has learned the power of remote collaboration. The shift to remote work made us stronger, more productive and reduced our carbon footprint. Remote events and meetups proved to be more inclusive and greener.

But remote events and gatherings still lack natural social interactions and participant engagement. We are still not offered a real chance to get to know other participants, build connections, discover opportunities, co-create, be spontaneous and have fun. The difficulty of socialising with colleagues remotely still impacts our well-being, morale and limits our potential.

With tech for good in heart, we’ve been continuously gathering thousands of people in experimental encounters sparking new connections remotely. Juggling data science, artificial intelligence and new video conferencing solutions we’ve been searching for ways to facilitate social interactions online. We’ve experimented with innovative organisers on hundreds of community-building, networking meetups, and virtual coffee breaks.

Today our data shows clearly that remote interactions can be stimulating, meaningful, fun, spontaneous and serendipitous. We’ve heard “It’s easier than chatting in person”, “it gave me fresh energy”, “one of the most enjoyable and valuable assets to our network”. We’ve seen encounter ratings averaging at 4.46/5. Create an event in a few minutes and see your communities and remote teams thrive in the new world.