Our Vision

A better-connected, greener world where collaborating remotely is the obvious choice

Our Mission

Making online networking fun, sociable & easy, like in-person events yet more effective

Our story

We want your events to create strong bonds and engage participants as they used to before the pandemic. We’ve been organising 100s of in-person and online events years before the crisis. We see people miss networking experience and this need is being neglected online. So we made them fun and sociable again. And we made them more effective than they have ever been. Engage 100% of your participants and let them build meaningful connections with our AI-based matchmaking and unique moderation and ice-breakers. Create an event in a few minutes and see your community thrive in the new world.

Our journey

  1. We organised 100+ in-person and online events.
  2. RemotelyGreen Established in Q4 2019 (prior to crisis)
  3. THE Port 2019 and Climathon, market research and case studies Q4 2019
  4. Selected to Circular Economy Incubator in Geneva Q1/Q2 2020
  5. Awarded a flash grant by the Shuttleworth Foundation Q2 2020
  6. Innosuisse program support 2020
  7. User testing, MVP Q3/Q4 2020
  8. Built strategic alliances and partnerships 2020
  9. Open beta Q1 2021