Connecting the right people through passion and common interests, challenging opinions and more.

Depending on event goals, choose who will meet whom. RemotelyGreen will do the rest and bring right people together into virtual coffee rooms.

We provide organisers a selection of matching routines to select:

  • Coincidence - e.g. getting to know someone in a queue for coffee

  • Request - e.g. reconnect with an old colleague, or you favourite author

  • Commonality - our AI identifies someone with similar interests

  • Contrast - our AI identifies someone with opposing interests to challenge your opinions

  • Role based - coming soon

  • - right people connect instantly
  • - maximise number of meaningful connections
  • - immediately start conversation on the topic close to your heart


It’s great for participants because we give them talking points and challenges to encourage more meaningful connections.
  • - talking points
  • - easier for introverts
  • - gently guides the encounter
Event analytics

Event analytics

What topics were popular? How was the networking rated? How many new connections were made? Measure the success of your event and learn how to do even better.