Privacy Policy

At RemotelyGreen, we take your right to privacy very seriously. This document explains how we handle data and “personal information”, that is, data that can be used to identify a specific person.

When You use our platforms, we obtain data both to deliver our services and to improve Your experience. These can be obtained in two ways: either You provide them to us, or we collect them while You use each service. Let us start by defining the parts which are concerned by this document:

  • “Organiser” is a person or a company who signed up for our services under a subscription or pay-as-you go scheme to organise events.
  • “Participant” is a person who attends events using our platforms. Also referred here as “attendees” or simply“You”.
  • “Provided data” is information that was explicitly given to us by You.
  • “Collected data” is information we are able to access based on Your use of our Services.

Provided data: When You create an account to use our services, the data You provide such as Your name, Your email address, and Your social media profile – if You choose to share it with us – are stored. These data may be shared with participants who You meet during an event. You have the option to opt out of having this information shared with other Attendees – contact us if You would like to do this. In addition, You may choose to provide us with information about Your topics of interests by selecting them from a list. If You choose to do so, this information may be shared with participants who You meet. You have the option of viewing and removing all personal information from our database by requesting it from .

Collected data: When You use our services, we have access to information about Your use (i.e., metadata), Your technical devices and connection, and who You meet. We use this information to deliver and improve our services as well as to optimise Your experience.

Crucially, while some minimal data may be shared with Organisers to allow us to provide our services, any data You provided or collected by us will never be shared or sold to third parties.

If You have any privacy-related questions or concerns about our use of your personal data, please send an email to: .

Last updated: 14 June 2020