Terms & Conditions

Version: 1.0 Effective: 14 of June 2020

Your use of our services, including access to the web application, products, services and associated software (“Services”, collectively) of RemotelyGreen are conditioned by your acceptance of and compliance with the terms below. Please read carefully before accepting.

By accessing the RemotelyGreen website, web application, using any of our services or checking the “I agree” box during registration you agree to be bound by these conditions of service and all policies. Beware that RemotelyGreen services are only available to persons who are legally eligible to be bound by the terms of service below. These Terms apply to all your activities on the RemotelyGreen website or mobile applications and other related services (“Services”).

RemotelyGreen will provide the Services, which you may access and use in accordance with this Agreement. If you order Services via an online registration form, it may contain additional terms associated with the Services you are ordering. Unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions applicable to the Service You have ordered, the conditions contained in the present document are valid for your use of the Service.

Let us start by defining the parties which are concerned by this document:

  • “Organiser” is a person or a company who signed up for our services under a subscription or pay-as-you go scheme to organise events.
  • “Participant” is a person who attends events using our platforms. Also referred here as “Attendees”. The above parts are collectively referred to as “You”.
  • “RemotelyGreen” is the provider of Services, also referred here as “Us”.

1. Each party’s role:

  1. RemotelyGreen: it is Our responsibility to provide the technical facility for our Services and to inform you of any significant changes made to our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for any content shared by Users during their use of our Services.
  2. Organisers: it is the Organisers’ responsibility to inform Participants of their Event’s timetable, cancellations, as well as any terms or policies that are not covered in this document or in Our own Privacy Policy document available on https://remotely.green
  3. Users: it is the Users’ responsibility to comply with RemotelyGreen’s Code of Conduct available on https://remotely.green, as well as any additional directions from an Event’s Organiser.

2. License

2.1 Permissions

  1. We licence Organisers to use and access the Services that have been ordered and paid for, unless otherwise agreed with Us.
  2. We license Users to access our Services and attend Events according to the permissions or restrictions outlined here, the guidelines in our Code of Conduct, or those set by the Organiser.

2.2 Restrictions

  1. You agree not to sell, rent, sub-license, loan, sub-license, lease, provive, copy any part of our Services to any other party unless written consent to do so has been given by Us.
  2. You agree not to reverse engineer, disassemble, de-compile or create works based on any part of Services nor to attempt to do any of such things, unless permitted by law.

3. Restrictions and limitations of use

You agree not to:

  1. use any of our Services in any unlawful way, for any unlawful goal, or in any manner that is inconsistent the Terms laid out in this document or on our Code of Conduct. You must not act maliciously or fraudulently towards any aspects of our Services.
  2. share with third parties any content to which You had access during an Event, or obtained in any other way from RemotelyGreen, unless explicitly consented in written form by those who own the intellectual property or who provided the information. You must not infringe Our or any User’s intellectual property rights in the use of our Services.
  3. produce, express, or share any material that is offensive, defamatory, unlawful, or generally objectionable in Your use of our Services.
  4. use our Services in a manner that could damage, impair or compromise our system or security, or interfere with other Users’ ability to use our Services.
  5. access or use our system in any way other than the publicly available and supported interfaces.
  6. use other User’s personal or contact information for any purposes unless agreed with them via our Services in advance.

4. Validity of these Terms

This agreement immediately comes to an end when:

  1. an Organiser ends their subscription of the Services ordered by them or has their access terminated by Us.

  2. a Participant cancels their RemotelyGreen access account, when they are no longer using our Services, or when they have access to their terminated by Us.

Your access may be terminated by Us under the following circumstances:

  1. as an Organiser, You fail to comply with payment for the Services You ordered.

  2. as an User, You fail to comply with these Terms or with our Code of Conduct. In this case, You are not allowed to create a new account, nor access or use our Services in any other way, unless We provide You with written consent to do so.

  3. We are unable to continue providing Our Services, for technical or business reasons.

5. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

To reflect changes in law, or to continue offering and improving our Services, we may need to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time. If and when this happens, we will notify You of any significant changes when you next access our Services. Your continued use of our Services will thus be conditioned by You accepting the new Terms and Conditions.

6. Privacy policy

At RemotelyGreen, we take Your right to privacy very seriously. We strive to collect and use only the minimal amount of Your data in order to provide our Services, and to protect it from third party access. We commit to not share, rent, or sell any of Your data, be it provided by You or collected by Us based on Your use, with any third parties. You can check our actions towards data privacy in our dedicated Privacy Policy document available on https://remotely.green . Should You have any questions or requests regarding Your data, do not hesitate to contact us.

7. Contact us

If you have any additional questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us on info@remotely.green.