Our values

Any community is a collection of different minds, ambitions, and viewpoints. We see RemotelyGreen as a community, whether you’re on the payroll or not! So to inform its decisions, align us internally, and communicate externally we’ve identified what we collectively value the most.

Sustainability - Green to the core

We put “Green” in the name because this was so fundamental for us. We’re not just a tech company, we’re a tech-for-good company, where we think through, measure, and reduce our impacts and help others do the same. And this doesn’t just mean our carbon emissions, but all the various aspects covered by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, although #8 , #9, #10, #17 and of course #13 are particularly relevant. To put our money where our mouth is 5% of our profits will go to environmental causes.

Which means: We measure our environmental impacts and reduce this to an absolute minimum. Where we can’t reduce direct consumption or production, we will use our profits to offset remaining impacts. We will help others make informed decisions on these issues, e.g. through supporting our non-profit sister organisation’s research.

Experiment - To live is to learn

Experimenting is in our blood - the founding team met at CERN, one of the world’s largest laboratories. We love to explore and discover new things; to learn about each other and our world. And we want to enable others to do the same. It’s an on-going and collective process, and we’ll always share what we learn as best as we can!

Which means: Ideas can come from anywhere - any employee or community member. Anyone can try to build something new. If a new idea needs team member support we’ll always do our best.

Joy - Strive for fun, find the humour

We want to smile while we work and laugh while we discuss. Using what we build should leave you feeling energised and enthusiastic. And while we strive that everything be fun, we know that’s not always possible, especially if we seek to challenge ourselves with new things. Yet we believe that even in these challenges, there’s always a funny side to be found - we search for the humour.

Which means: We’ll share silly memes, and appreciate a good pun when it comes. We’ll adapt our humour to each other’s tastes.

Trust - Have the confidence to be honest and open

Collaboration requires a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. And trust comes from being transparent and open. When we decide something we should communicate why. When we learn something we should share this with others. ‘Open’ also has a technical sense when it comes to software. We’re big fans of the Open Source Software movement, and while we don’t specifically know how just yet, hope to contribute back in the future.

Which means: When we make a mistake we’ll own it. When we learn something new we’ll share it. We’ll take great care with personal data (see our privacy policy). We’ll keep our language as simple as possible. We’ll always welcome feedback, either way.

Community - A network is greater than its net work

It’s no coincidence that our first service helps people network with each other - it’s the relationships and communities we build between one another that makes humanity greater than the sum of its individuals. More than just meeting people we like, that means helping others leave their normal bubble. We work with love and kindness, and always seek to include different voices, perspectives, and backgrounds. Aside from this being fair, it’s important to help us learn better.

Which means: When we design something, we’ll think of the end user. When we hire someone we’ll include the team in the decision. We include and document what we do so others can understand this. We’ll never build something that harms human interactions in return for our own profit.

Useful - “That was unique, that was valuable”

The world doesn’t need more distractions; we want to build things that really help and really improve our world. These need to work as you’d expect, when you’d expect it, regardless of who you are.

Which means: We’ll measure our value first and foremost in the usefulness and quality our users express, rather than in our finances. We’ll make sure we’re not just duplicating what already exists. We’ll test as much as we can to make sure it works properly and reliably.